this is what fluoride does.
Hitler put it in Germany’s water supply in the late 30’s and early 40’s, and now we have people putting it in our water again. lower dosage, but accessed by more people
the Pineal Gland is the third eye. thousands of years ago, human pineal glands used to be the size of an actual eye (look at pineal eyes in animals for example). 


this is what fluoride does.

Hitler put it in Germany’s water supply in the late 30’s and early 40’s, and now we have people putting it in our water again. lower dosage, but accessed by more people

the Pineal Gland is the third eye. thousands of years ago, human pineal glands used to be the size of an actual eye (look at pineal eyes in animals for example). 

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I think it’s time for something new in my life.  Something exciting, lasting, and fresh.  I need it, what say you, life?

Minecraft, anyone?

Anyone play on a server with not too many people?  I wanna meet some new friends (:



I finally figured out the location of that beach in the first scenes of Cosmos!

It’s somewhere in California, about a hundred miles south of San Francisco, 14 miles south of Monterey. The exact coordinates of the place Sagan/Tyson stood are, more or less:



I don’t even know if anybody else cares about this, and I’m sure there are plenty of people who know already, but I’ve always wanted to know and could never find it through basic Google searches. I only found it after searching the California coastline in Google Earth until I found a place that matched the first scene in the new Cosmos.

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The last two packages I’ve had sent through them, totaling over $1000 in value, have either been stabbed to destruction, or completely lost.

I am OUTRAGED at their complete incompetence in doing the ONLY THING THEY’RE DESIGNED TO DO.

Researcher Needing iPhone 5

tl;dr - I would like to trade my Lg Optimus G + cash for an iPhone 5s of any size or carrier. Won’t be using it as a phone, more as a pocket computer for R&D.

Hello, I have run into a dilemma I honestly did not see coming. The scientists and researchers I follow all use iPhones and develop exclusively for them!!! I understand the iPhone 5s is newer, and I am willing to throw in some cash to equal the value out, but I am trying not to spend too much money, I am living on a tight budget (this was the last major purchase I’ve made, below).

I have here in my hands one of the fastest androids on the market. The Lg Optimus G, I bought it around when it first came out for $700 thinking I won’t need anything else. Originally I used it with Cricket, but I have long since disabled my account and relied on WiFi for communication with it. It can be unlocked to other carriers, it is rooted and flashed to CyanogenMod 11.0 Kitkat as well. Very fast phone, can run practically every app on the Play Store. 

Would anyone be willing to help an aspiring mind out? I don’t care what kind of carrier or size of space it is, I just need all the apps that the iPhone has. To me, I’m downgrading in size of screen, processor speed, storage space, battery life, customization, etc - not to diss on the iPhone, but apparently I need it to proceed. I do appreciate your consideration, here are some photos of the phone and what it comes with:

LG Optimus G Sprint variant (LS970)
32gb Storage space
13 mp front camera, 1.3 facing camera
4.7” Screen
Quad-core 1.5 ghz processor
2gb ram

Flashed to Cricket - Cyanogenmod 11.0 Kitkat, can be unlocked to other carriers and reset to factory and unrooted if liked.

Includes original box, otterbox case (only taken out once or twice for cleaning), NFC tags, and original charger + cable.

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As words turn prose and words prose words. I look, I think, I seek and you. Though I fail and burn burn short, there's nothing but honor in eyes pushed forked. Words laid down and I still don't know. I look, I try to give some hope. Your there I'm here and nothing more but everything between. The few words I spoke

Beautiful, I resonate to this for some reason.  Do I know you?


A philosopher and a scientist come to the same, beautiful conclusion.

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Energy and You! or What’s that Ringing Noise? by Joshua Elmendorf

    With the advent and rise of popularity with the ‘Quantum’ sciences, many theories and realizations about the world around us are becoming more public knowledge. The idea of ‘Chi’ or ‘Magic’ is rapidly gaining credibility as practicioners of Chi-lel, studiers of Quantum Physics, and professed Buddhists come to common ground with their realizations that energy flows through us all. For instance, have you heard of the YouTube video floating around that shows Chi-lel practioners ‘healing’ a tumor in less than 5 minutes?

    Now, this is all fine and interesting, but what are some practical bits of knowledge that the lay-man could gain from all this? Simply being aware of it will shed light on many ailments we could all very well be misdiagnosing. Have you ever heard of Electro-magnetic Sensitivity, or EMS? Over a quarter million Swedish civilians are affectd with it and receive government subsidies because of it’s severeness. EMS is not a disease, rather, it is considered to be a “Functional Impairment.” EMS symptoms vary on an individual basis, but may include: severe tingling of the skin, burning pin and needles sensation all over the body, sunburn-like feelings on the head, headaches, blurred vision, tinnitus, tiredness, gastric problems, mood swings, muscular weakness, nausea, heart rate and blood pressure changes; The list goes on. Why such a broad range of severe effects?

    A “Functional Impairment” is a health condition in which the normal function of a body part is at less than full capacity. Which means the effects appear where the radiation exposure occurs, i.e. wherever you place your cell phone. Whether you are aware of it or not, there is energy flowing through you at all times from a multitude of sources. This was true, even before the invention of wireless technologies. The sun, Earth, moon, and even the stars give off (radiate) energy. The problem is not that we are exposed, but that we are allowing for harmful types of radiation in our day-to-day lives. Energies that excite our cells to the point of confusion and self-harm (Cancer). What we need to understand is that not all radiation is bad for you. For instance, were you aware that waterfalls radiate a positive type of radiation?

    Now this is where people get confused. When energy enters or exits something, that something becomes an Ion. An ion is an atom that either gains or loses energy. ‘Positively’ charged ions aren’t exactly positive for your health. When you receive positive ions, it makes that area positively charged. Positive, when speaking of ions, means that the atoms are ‘guarded’, and do not allow for a free and easy flow of energy. Negative ions, like the ones produced from those sports bracelets you see at mall kiosks being advertised by sports icons, allow for a more free and easy flow of energy allowing your body to function normally. Below for your convenience is a list of positive and negative ion generating devices and things:

Positive Ions

  • Cell phone / Cell phone towers
  • Computers / Televisions ⦁ Sattelite Dishes ⦁ Electric Generators ⦁ X-rays, Smart Meters
  • Microwaves / Antennae

Negative Ions

  • Waterfalls
  • Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps
  • Cat Purrs
  • Lava Rocks
  • Trees
  • Orgonite
  • Crystals
  • Plants
  • Fresh Air

    Too much of anything can be bad for you. Having a cell phone permanently at your side can make sure your thighs and groin are incapable of functioning properly, thus increasing the risk for organ failure and cancer growth. Too much negative ions can also cause Uranium exposure as well. That is why it is important to be aware of your surroundings and take an interest in the new technologies that are coming out every day. Maybe you don’t want that extra powerful new phone, is it really worth it? How do we know that the mood swings we get or the headaches we frequently have aren’t because of the effects our own technologies are having on our bodies?




Bill Murray is the Most Interesting Man In The World

that is how you live life

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